Track Employee Time with Timely,

Create Invoices with RemoteTeam

Create invoices automatically using Timely + RemoteTeam's payment providers.

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Use Timely Data to Auto-Create Invoices

Let Timely + RemoteTeam save you time and money by automatically creating invoices for hourly contractors and employees. RemoteTeam offers 3 different payment providers depending on your needs.

Take Advantage of All Timely's Benefits

All of the features you love about Timely right in your dashboard. Define hourly wages, send payments bi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, and even get team performance reports sent to your inbox.

How to Use Timely with RemoteTeam

Install Timely

Find the Timely app in the app marketplace and follow the steps to start your integration. 

Add Your Team Members

Use two-way sync to add your team members automatically from Timely.

Select a Payment Method

Now you can use Timely time performance to send money or create invoices. Select your payment provider to set-up automatic payments. 

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