Time Tracking Features

RemoteTeam offers three different time performance tracking tools for your business. Enter Desktime or Toggl API to instantly add team members to the platform with two-way syncs and start observing work productivity right away. You can also use the on-platform check-in app for time-tracking.

Check-in App Check-in App

Observe and analyze your remote employees’ check-in times every day. Get notified about their starting and ending times to manage their work habits. Make recommendations for your remote team’s productivity and effectiveness based on their work time intervals and outcome analysis.

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Check-in App

Check-in App Desktime

Connect Desktime employee performance with the RemoteTeam dashboard to manage employee productivity and compensation on one platform. Get your team’s productivity each week automatically into your inbox. Get instant notifications about underperforming employees & improve.

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Check-in App Toggl

Use Toggl API right away and use two-way sync for transferring your team members to the RemoteTeam platform. Start improving team performance consistently and get better results for your product. Make time tracking simple, use and manage your team’s time wisely, focus more on your business goals.

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