Your favorite time tracking tools combined with payroll

RemoteTeam easily calculates employees’ hours, time-off, and holidays into your payroll.

Example from the RemoteTeam dashboard for managing documents like W-8BEN

Track hourly workforce costs and pay with one-click.

Never again waste time on tedious tasks like tracking hours, payroll, or invoicing. Use your favorite time tracking app to track all of your team's work, then pay them through RemoteTeam.

Use The Best Time Tracking Apps

RemoteTeam connects your favorite time tracking apps to a payment solution that will save you money.

One powerful dashboard to manage contractors, employees or freelancers

RemoteTeam is optimized to handle the complexity of managing a remote workforce, and all at an affordable price.

Performance reports and weekly emails

Integrate multiple time tracking apps

Select from 4 different payment options

Daily, weekly, and monthly overviews

Working hours are automatically calculated into your payroll, invoices, and money transfers

Customize Paid Time-Off Policies For Your Team

Customize your PTO policies to better fit country time-off regulations. Either choose from the configured policies or create your own instantly.

Easy and flexible time-off submission and approval

After you create your own PTO policy, employees can submit vacation and sick days for managers to approve time-off right away. It all syncs with calendars and payroll automatically.

Never miss local holidays and birthdays

In the globalized world we live in, we feel it’s important to recognize your team’s local holidays. Now you can create new policies for your employees' local holidays so they can feel culturally supported within your company.

The future of remote workforce management

is here

RemoteTeam offers powerful features for managing contractors, employees, and freelancers all around the world.

Automate time tracking and payroll

Say goodbye to time spreadsheets and manual wage calculations. We calculate everything for you.

Stay compliant with local laws

Track burn rates, store payroll history, create overtime policies and stay compliant with local laws.


Best time tools synced with your payroll, invoices and payments