Let RemoteTeam manage your time-off policies

The hassle of managing time-off and calculating payroll for all employees is gone. Now you can do it from anywhere, anytime with RemoteTeam.

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Customized Time-Off Policies

You can customize and manage your time-off policies depending on your business needs. You may need to have a different policy for hourly or salaried employees or one that accommodates employee's religious holidays and observances.

Flexible Scheduling

Employees can request and schedule their own time off with the click of a button from anywhere in the world using RemoteTeam!

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Intuitive Reporting & Analytics

We provide easy reporting tools so you can track how much vacation days are being used per department and see trends over time!

Simple and affordable.

RemoteTeam is a simple, affordable solution for managing time-off in your company. It allows you to create customized policies that can be assigned individually, so you never have to worry about someone coming back from vacation too soon and not being rested enough to do their job well.

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Your One-Stop Time-off Solution

Let your employees know what's expected of them with customized time-off policies and payroll calculation.

Customize for your company culture

Whether you want to allow more or less time off, create a policy that fits the needs of your business culture and have it in place for all new hires.

No need to manage holidays worldwide again!

You can define which days are paid as holidays, set up recurring events like birthdays, and keep track of all employee time-off periods with one click.

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No more 'time-off envy'.

RemoteTeam helps you create a time-off policy thatโ€™s tailored to your company and eliminates the need for employees to take vacations in turns.

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