Stop worrying about tax compliance

Remote Team tax compliance platform streamlines the entire W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W9, 1099 Misc process with digital tax form collection, validation, and payouts. Asking your recipients to complete complicated tax forms is already painful enough, so let us make life easier for everyone.


Key Benefits

Avoid Penalties

Prevent large IRS tax penalties by staying compliant.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Get rid of the administrative burden of manually collecting tax form documents from recipients and/or suppliers via mail, scan or fax.

Document Storage

Central hub to maintain completed tax forms for IRS audits.

Eliminate Errors

Reduce recipient errors and wasted time through our easy to complete guided tax form process.

Work Digitally

Go paperless with a complete digitized tax form collection and reporting solution in accordance to IRS requirements.

Tax Wizard

Guided and automated tax form process.

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