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Use our document signature app to get your remote team to sign all the necessary documents, from contracts and NDAs to offer letters and policy updates. Create templates and save them for future use for your remote company. It’s fast, secure, easy, and creates a smooth transition for your remote team.


Easily create documents using templates

Our document signing app allows you to easily create documents for your remote compay using easy to use templates. You don’t need to suffer creating and designing new documents from scratch. With our app, all you need is to input your company details inside the done-for-you template and you’re good to go.

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Make document handling easy for your remote team

Allow your remote team to sign documents easily inside their employee dashboards without using third party document signing platforms. Your employees can agree to NDAs, fill forms, and sign documents easily without our signature app, giving them an easy platform to work with your company.

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Track and ensure accuracy

Track the status of all the documents you send out to your remote team to sign. Know when a document is signed and when it’s not, and get notifications in real-time. This also helps you keep your remote employees up to date on pending documents they need to sign and any deadlines they should meet.

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