Pay your contractors, employees, freelancers in more than 200 countries.

The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to transfer money with various payment methods. With transparent fees and mid-market rates, we help contractors and business owners get the most value.

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3 Different Payment Providers

You can pay and send money with TransferWise or Mercury bank without any additional cost! RemoteTeam also offers on platform payment solution, Remote Payment.

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Automated Invoice Creation for Independent Contractors

With our new weekly and bi-weekly payments, you can reduce your time spent on scheduling payments. Tailor payment frequencies to local business laws.


Send Money to Your Remote Workforce & Contractors All Around The World

RemoteTeam’s payment aggregator RemotePayment connects with multiple payment rails and banks. We select the best providers for the best routes. Find a payment provider for Europe, Canada, Asia, Latam, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and more.

Tax Compliance

Worry about local tax compliances? Our platform & legal experts help you streamline the entire process of local tax compliances. Send money to your team without worrying about tax penalties.

Combine Powerful Features with Money Transfer

Add time tracking features to your money transfer options and run your payroll & invoice with hourly price.