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Sahin Boydas is a serial entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. Sahin has built and managed 100% remote teams for over a decade. As CEO and founder of, he is working to solve HR and operational problems related to remote work. In the past, he co-founded 3 Startups, he is alumni of 5 accelerators such as Stanford StartX, 500 Startups. He sold his first company to Snapchat.







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About RemoteTeam
RemoteTeam is a team of remote professionals from around the world with a mission to build the best tools for remote-first companies to manage their organizations. We pride ourselves as the go-to platform for remote companies to manage and automate payroll, tax compliance, and time offs - as our core tools. We also make it easy for remote teams to manage their overseas employees with our suite of additional tools, including team management app, integration with borderless payment platforms for easy compensation, a signature app for document signing and onboarding, an inventory management platform for remote employees, and an expense tracking to monitor expenditure of remote employees.