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Payroll, HR benefits, time-off, tax compliance, and time tracking - all on one platform


Flexible payment options with time-tracking apps for your employees and independent contractors

Transparent payment fees with mid-market rates

App marketplace & multiple integration options

HR benefits combined with payroll, time-tracking, tax compliance, time-off & more

70+ Local PEO partners & entities

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Free up to 3 people

Platform Features

Time Tracking for Contractors

Use more than 10 time tracking software with RemoteTeam. Calculate hours into your payroll and invoice automatically. Say goodbye to timesheets and manual payroll calculations. 

RemoteTeam has a marketplace of top-rated 50+ apps with special discounts. Onboard your team members faster and use your apps with RemoteTeam to discover extra benefits. 

Tax compliance platform streamlines the entire W-8 BEN, W-8 BEN-E, W9, 1099-Misc process with digital tax form collection, validation, and payouts. 

Independent Contractor Solutions

RemoteTeam offers contracts, payroll and PEO services in more than 70+ countries. 

Document management with online signature, team app, check-in app, inventory tracking, time-off management, local holidays & more. 

RemoteTeam's legal partners can help you find a suitable partner PEO, including EOR services depending on your hiring country. We have over 70 local PEO partners & entities.

Payroll, HR, time-off management, compliance, and time tracking all on one platform

How does RemoteTeam work? 

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Use the team app to organize your contractors & team. Create project groups or departments. 

Set up your teams

Choose TransferWise, Mercury, RemotePayment, or offline payment tracking to get started. Follow the simple integration steps. 

Select your payment method

Choose your favorite time-tracking app to use on your RemoteTeam dashboard. Set up your contractor types as; fixed, hourly or project-based to send money to your team automatically. 

Set up your time tracking apps

RemoteTeam platform has HR benefits; inventory tracking, check-in app, document manager, tax compliance system, time-off manager and many more. Discover the app marketplace to find 3rd party apps as well. 

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