Free Up to 3 People! 

Key Differences: RemoteTeam vs Deel

Transparent payment fees with mid-market rates

More than 10 time-tracking app integrations

US payroll with extra benefits 

App Marketplace & multiple integration options

Time-off management (PTO) 

Cheaper as low as $11.99 per employee 

HR benefits combined with payroll, time tracking, compliances, time-off & more

RemoteTeam offers more features and benefits for less

There are several software solutions & services for payrolls, compliances, business contracts, time-off policy management, but what are the fundamental feature differences? Let’s dive in and see which feature better fits your needs. 




Transparent payment fees with mid-market rates

Time-tracking feature integration 

Limited time-tracking options

US Payroll with extra benefits

No US payroll option

Do not have app marketplace

App Marketplace & multiple integration options

No time-off management features

Time-off management (PTO) 

More expensive, $49 per employee 

Cheaper as low as $11.99 per employee 

No app marketplace, US payroll & time-off management

HR benefits combined with payroll, time-tracking, compliances, time-off & more

Less Expensive

Multiple Benefits with App Marketplace

US Payroll with Extra Benefits

RemoteTeam has a cheaper price than Deel. Deel charges $49 per employee. RemoteTeam costs $14.99 per employee for monthly subscriptions, $11.99 for yearly subscriptions. 

RemoteTeam has integrations with 3rd party tools and offers multiple benefits with various apps. Choose the app you use with your team and discover the benefits behind RemoteTeam platform. Do not give up from your favorite apps! 

RemoteTeam offers extra benefits for small enterprises in the US. You can earn up to $250,000 R&D tax credit with free US payroll service. RemoteTeam reduces payroll taxes and calculates your tax credit automatically. Learn more here

Key Features of RemoteTeam

Hourly Based Automatic Payments for Your Contractors

Seamlessly integrate your time tracking software with the best payment provider. RemoteTeam offers more than flexible payment options with time-tracking apps for your employees and independent contractors. 

Multiple Payment & Tracking Options

RemoteTeam offers multiple advantages when it comes to sending money, running payrolls, and invoicing. Select the best payment provider offering the best solutions for your needs. RemoteTeam has transparent payment fees with mid-market rates.


Offline Payment Tracking

Choose the best payment option and send money on RemoteTeam dashboard 

Tax Compliance

RemoteTeam helps you stay compliant with local tax & business laws when hiring someone internationally. Attorneys working with RemoteTeam help you find a suitable partner PEO, including EOR service depending on your hiring country. RemoteTeam attorneys streamline the entire process of documents and tax compliances. 

Tax compliance platform streamlines the entire W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W9, 1099 Misc process with digital tax form collection, validation, and payouts. 

✅ W-8 BEN 

✅ W-8 BEN-E


✅ 1099 and 1099-Misc

✅ NDAs

Document Management & Online Signature

RemoteTeam offers an online document management system for your document flow. You can make announcements, assign a document or collect any necessary documents for your business. There is also an online document signature feature to collect signs for hiring documents. Create a document filling template to indicate which parts of your documents need to be filled. 

Payroll, HR, time-off management, compliance, and time tracking all on one platform

Payroll, HR, time-off management, compliance, and time tracking all on one platform

Local Holidays, Birthdays and Time-offs Combined Into Your Payroll 

RemoteTeam automatically calculates local holidays, birthdays, time-offs into your payroll. Say goodbye 👋 to timesheets and manual payroll calculations. 

Document Management & Storage

Keep all your hiring documents and assign individual team members with one simple system. 

App Marketplace

Are you using multiple software tools to manage your team? RemoteTeam has a marketplace of top-rated apps for you to install. Manage onboarding and subscriptions from one dashboard.

Make your team happy with the best payment rail and Remote HR Software

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