U.S. Local and State Taxes


Remote Team is required to collect and remit sales tax in a number of US states and localities. Not all states tax the sale of software as a service (SaaS), but it’s becoming increasingly common. If your state is on the list below, you’ll see a line item on your monthly invoice for sales tax. The rate being collected on your invoice is determined by your billing address.

You’ll see sales tax on your invoice if you live in:

  • Chicago (Illinois)
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • South Dakota

If you need to change your billing information because you don’t actually reside in a taxable state, you can easily handle that within settings or Please contact our Support team at if you have trouble.

Please also drop an email to if:

  • you believe you’re being charged in error.
  • your business is sales tax exempt. Include your tax exempt certificate and your Remote Team account number when you email Support.
  • you have any additional questions.