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Kansas Payroll Tax Withholding

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Kansas Withholding account number

If you have registered the business with the Kansas Department of Revenue, you can get your Tax Account Number from the Withholding Tax Deposit Report(KW-5) received from the Kansas Department of Revenue, or you can call the agency at (785) 368-8222. If you haven't registered, you should register your business with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Kansas Current Deposit Schedule

You will receive your tax deposit schedule after you register with the Kansas Department of Revenue. If you do not know your deposit schedule, call the agency at (785) 368-8222. If your business is not registered yet, please register it with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Employment Security Fund Account Number

It is the 6 digit Employer serial number that you can find on Quarterly wage report & Unemployment Tax return form (K-CNS 100). You can also call the agency at (785) 296-5027. If you haven't registered your business yet, please register with the Kansas Dept. of Labor

Current SUI(Unemployment Tax) Rate in Kansas

Your SUI rate appears in the "Contribution Rate" box of the Experience Rating notice that employers receive from the Kansas Department of Labor. The rate ranges from 0 - 7.5. If you’re unsure, call the agency at (800) 292-6333, to get your rate. None