Pay international contractors effortlessly, with RemoteTeam.

RemoteTeam is a payment system designed to pay international contractors without any complexities and difficulties.

Pay Contractors
Get Paid as a Contractor

Save Time and Money

We have a solution for international contractors, freelancers, agencies and small businesses to get paid faster and cheaper without the need of paperwork.

Transparent Reporting

With RemoteTeam you'll always know how much money is in your account, what's left to be transferred out and how many hours are remaining on current contracts so you can make informed decisions about when it's best to withdraw funds from your account or transfer more money into it.

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Automatic Payouts

Automatically pay your remote team members with just one click using our secure payment system that is integrated with time tracking apps like Toggl or Hubstaff.

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The next generation of payment systems.

RemoteTeam is a service that combines an easy-to-use platform with powerful technology to help you hire, manage and pay the best talent from around the world.

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Reduce your overhead and invoicing. 

100% Transparent Fees.

We value transparency. Our system is designed so that you can see transaction costs and compare payment methods. 

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Mid Market Exchange Rate

We automatically convert currencies from mid market rates, calculate exchange rates and convert funds without any additional charges from us or from your contractor's bank. 

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Save time and money with the world’s most affordable payment services.

Take control of your company's payments and expenditures. 

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