See your company's organizational chart from a new perspective.

With RemoteTeam, employees can visualize their role in the company and how it fits into the overall scheme.

Example from the RemoteTeam dashboard for managing documents like W-8BEN

Visually share your organization's structure.

RemoteTeam is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create, edit and manage organizational charts on the fly.

See responsibilities, reporting relationships, work status and more.

You can see all of this on a single dashboard so you know who is doing what, where they are at with their projects and how that affects other employees.

Collaborate with ease in real time.

Share your org chart in real time with anyone who has access to the web browser - no matter where they are located or what device they're using!

Empowering Remote Teams

"RemoteTeam is a suite of software that helps leaders better manage their remote teams, and empower employees to do more. The software includes features like an employee directory, reporting relationships and organizational chart."

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See the big picture.

Know what's happening in your organization and make informed decisions.

Visualize the hierarchy of an organization.

With our user-friendly interface, it's easy to visualize the hierarchy of an organization by adding employees into positions on boards or maps.

Share responsibility without losing control.

RemoteTeam allows leaders to delegate tasks to others while still retaining full visibility into progress and ensuring accountability for deadlines or deliverables through automated notifications based on set criteria."

RemoteTeam is a complete platform for the remote workforce.

For teams with employees in different locations, RemoteTeam allows you to see who's doing what and where they're located. You can easily share your tasks or upload documents to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

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