Ultimate List of Fully Remote Companies In 2021

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Ultimate List of Fully Remote Companies In 2021

Remote work is one thing more people would like to venture into with the outbreak of this worldwide virus leaving most countries under a lockdown. RemoteTeam is here to help you track the ten ultimate remote companies with details of the organization. If you are thinking of upgrading your job to one that gives you ample time to perform other activities, voila! Any of these might be a good fit for you. Let’s get started!


In search of a remote job, RemoteTeam is the answer. An HR company that helps seamlessly in connecting over 20, 000 employees in areas of payroll, compliance, and contracts. It has over 450 companies onboard with over 200 countries supporting.


Articulate, a software development company, was established in 2002. It creates tools for e-learning courses on both the web and mobile. Its core operating principle is to empower employees who work remotely. Apart from telecommuting, the company offers equipment and technology allowance to aid employees set up a home office, as well as flexible paid time off and vacation time.


10up, a 120+ person team, is described as “one big happy family”. It is a Web design and development consulting service.  This big happy family is connected worldwide via Slack, Google Hangouts, and good old text. Interested in a remote job with core services like Web strategy, design, and engineering? Look no further, 10up is the place for you. You can apply even if there are no current openings. The company is always looking out for project managers, talented strategists, designers, engineers, system administrators, and advertising specialists.


Edgar is a remote company that began its work in 2014. It currently has team members in the US and Canada. They are a group of talented individuals with employees who design interiors and more. Edgar allows one to queue posts on social media and then post according to a category-based schedule. After every queued post has been published, it reposts updates to attract more audiences.


Buffer is a fully distributed team made up of about 80 employees working from different countries. Buffer has a payable social media app that is used by over 60,000 people worldwide. Buffer makes sharing and scheduling posts on social media very easy. It finds itself in the most transparent SaaS companies, sharing hiring practices and salaries, revenue details, product roadmaps, and more on their transparency page. Being a part of the Buffer family gives you various employee perks: unlimited vacation, annual international retreats, free books, etc.


FlexJobs is a 100% remote company that helps job seekers find legitimate and flexible jobs; telecommuting jobs, part-time jobs, and freelance work at their convenience. It was founded by Sara Sutton Fell while she was searching for flexibility in her career.

FlexJobs employees rely on tools such as Slack, Google apps, and join.me to work as a team efficiently. While working from home offices across the United States, employees get to enjoy virtual fitness classes, unlimited vacation time, monthly happy hour events, and surprise packages. In order to see job openings, you have to be signed up on a flexjobs membership which is payable.


Hubstaff was established in 2012 by two entrepreneurs. Aside from being a time tracking tool used by over 8,000 remote teams, it also helps in payroll processing and scheduling of attendants.

Employees enjoy both the freedom to work from anywhere and flexible hours because Hubstaff believes remote work is the future.

Currently,  Hubstaff is comprised of 79 team members and is hiring for roles in marketing, development, customer support, and PR.


Toggl is of the simplest time-tracking tools—so simple, you’ll actually use it. As the name suggests, all you have to do is press the start button in the web app, desktop app, mobile app, or Chrome extension to start tracking your time. Toggl also might have the best home page video ever.

Toggl encourages employees to travel, set their individual goals, and take charge of their own work


Remote Companies

GitLab is a platform for modern developers. It is a code collaboration platform built for the enterprise. In fact, it’s used by programmers in Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and other organizations, including NASA. GitLab is also a community project which has staff located on three continents.

Their remote manifesto highlights the team’s values, which include bonding in real life when possible and giving credit where credit is due (in a special #thanks Slack channel). They have positions for engineers, account executives, product managers, etc.


Working remotely comes with great perks.  This ultimate List of Fully Remote Companies will surely be of help in finding an opportunity to enjoy some of these perks and still be fulfilled in your choice of career.

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