Top Remote Companies That Are Hiring in 2021

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Top Remote Companies That Are Hiring in 2021

Remote work is now the new normal and not an “exception to the work rule” Many companies, both virtual and brick and mortar, are hiring remote talent. However, not all remote working conditions are the same. While some companies are only operating remotely during the pandemic (and will probably return to the office afterward), others have decided to stay remote forever.

In this post, we bring you the top remote companies hiring not just in 2020 but will continue into 2021 and beyond. Whether you’re a job seeker searching for a remote job or a company looking for hiring inspiration, these startups and companies will give you what you desire. Let’s get started.


As one of the most widely used and trusted premium WordPress hosting providers, Kinsta is a company that values remote work and provides its workers with a great remote working environment and perks. And they’re always hiring.

Kinsta is currently hiring for Javascript developers, SysOps engineers, technical support managers, and more. Check out jobs at Kinsta.


You might all know Zapier for providing a great application syncing interface and excellent automation capabilities, but what you may not know is that the company is a remote work champion – with employees spread across 28 countries, in 17+ time zones. Check out Zapier’s open positions.


When it comes to health and insurance for remote workers, companies, and digital nomads, SaftyWing does it best. From Australia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, SafetyWing is always searching for great talent to add to its remote team. Check out current remote openings at SafetyWing


No company has cracked the remote work code like GitLab. Apart from offering a tremendous remote work environment and perks, GitLab has also created remote work blueprints to enable other remote companies to learn from their experience. As a collaboration and management tool built for DevSecOps, DevOps, Agile development, and source code management, among others, this remote work champion is always in the market for remote talent. See the GitLab talent community for open opportunities.


BuddyBoss is a design, development, and service agency that provides great talent for companies worldwide. There are open positions for copywriters, sales accounts executives, and Google ads specialists at BuddyBoss. Check their open positions.


From tax filings to reports, Taxjar’s sales tax platform is built for merchants of all sizes. It has a fully distributed team, and employees can work from anywhere. There are open positions in the engineering, product, sales, marketing, and security departments. See available jobs at TaxJar.


As an e-learning solutions provider, Articulate builds excellent tools and services for people and companies to create great online courses and training programs. As a fully remote company, Articulate is always on the lookout for great talent no matter your location. Check open positions at Articulate.


Want to organize a scavenger hunt but can’t do it physically? Use GooseChase to build your favorite scavenger hunt game and play with your team wherever they are, virtually. The team at GooseChase is always looking for great remote talent to help champion their goals, and you are welcome to check their current openings.


Chances are, you’ve applied for a job on FlexJobs before, or your company has ever posted a job there. The company operates a 100% remote team, mostly spread around the United States. Here are current remote openings at FlexJobs.


Toptal is a host for some of the world’s best freelancers, from spanning design, software engineering to product managing, plus more. As they are experts in their field, some are former employees of such big companies as Apple, SpaceX, and Lehman Brothers. With more than 500 employees in 60+ countries, Toptal is competing with Gitlab when it comes to operating a 100% remote team. Check these current openings at Toptal spanning sales, marketing, finance, design, business operations, product, engineering, and more.


Ghost is a publishing platform that powers more than 2 million blogs and websites. Ghost describes its team as “ a group of weird, fun-loving humans who enjoy experimenting with new technology.” The company operates a 100% remote team and is always looking for more talent around the world. Check out Ghost’s current openings.


Automattic touts itself as being “passionate about making the web a better place,” which is reflected in the products they power. You may already know most of the products and services, including WordPress, Tumblr, WooCommerce, Longreads, Gravatar, Akismet, and more. As a 100% remote company, you can apply for the many job opportunities at Automattic.


Formstack is a no-code productivity platform that helps companies of all sizes automate their workflows and processes, digitize their operations, and run successful teams. The company says they have over 27,000 firms using its services, ranging from healthcare and HR to education and payment solutions. This is from the horse’s own mouth about its culture. “While we have offices in Indiana and Colorado, Formstack is a remote-first company, with 250+ ‘Stackers around the world. We believe you should work from wherever you feel most productive—whether that’s on a living room couch, in a Formstack office, or on a beach in Thailand.” Check out open positions at Formstack.


Sonatype is a software management solutions provider helping developers manage software libraries and help them leverage the power of open-source software to build great things. For its remote work culture, this is what Sonatype says. “alls don’t make a company great; people do. And we have the best. While we have offices in Fulton, MD; Tysons Corner, VA; Alameda, CA; London; and Sydney, our growing and talented team live and work anywhere and everywhere.” Here are open positions at Sonaype.

App Academy

App Academy is a coding school where people learn and become great software developers. It’s one of the great schools out there teaching developers for free – who only pay after they land a job. App Academy is always on the lookout for remote talent. Check out open positions now.


Hubstaff is primarily an employee time tracking software that allows teams of all sizes to monitor and measure employee productivity for better decision making. They also have a suite of tools, including payroll, geofencing, and invoices. Hubstaff is powered by a 100% remote team, as evidenced on their careers page “Why work at Hubstaff? Two words: no cubicles. As part of the international Hubstaff team, you work when and where you’re most productive. Home office, co-working space, beach, train, plane, you name it.” Check out these job opportunities at Hubstaff.


InVision is a digital product design platform that helps teams manage design processes, build prototypes, design systems, and ship products rich in user experience. As a distributed team of over 20 countries talents’, InVision is always looking for great talent worldwide. These roles are currently open at InVision.


Built for cannabis businesses of all sizes, GrowFlow helps them to manage and streamline their supply chain, point of sale and inventory management, compliance, and analytics. GrowFlow is a 100% remote company, and it’s always looking for great talent to join its team. Check out open positions at GrowFlow.


Doist is a remote company that focuses on building tools to help make work and life easier. They’re the company behind Todoist, a popular time tracking and productivity measurement tool and twist, a communication and collaboration tool for the modern workplace. Founded in 2007, Doist has been a remote company from the beginning and always continue to champion remote work. Here are open positions at Doist.

Know any remote company hiring right now? You can comment on the company’s career page to help more job seekers out there.

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