Top 5 Time and Task Management Technologies For Project Managers

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Top 5 Time and Task Management Technologies For Project Managers

As technology is developing continuously, new software products appear in this industry. Many industries rely heavily on technology to collaborate efficiently within and across teams. But as technology improves, new doors open to many people around the world. With the invention of the internet appeared many jobs that can be done remotely.

You can now work in a team with people from different parts of the globe and collaborate and communicate efficiently. Project managers are the ones that lead teams, maintain the contact between them and other collaborators, and ensure that the team is on track with its tasks. Project managers need to have good communication skills but also be able to manage time and tasks efficiently. The progress of a team depends on the project manager, who has other responsibilities as well.

Sometimes, project managers (PMs) need to manage more teams at the same time. If you are not organized and efficient, things can get pretty chaotic. Thanks to all these technological advancements that have been done up to this point, you can ease your life as a PM. There are software products that can help you with task and time management. Here are the top 5 technologies for PM.



One of the common mistakes many project managers make is choosing a different software product for each task. But needing to use too many apps can make you more prone to making mistakes. And it also takes up a lot of time to gather all the data and organize it. Some of it may overlay, which may confuse. As a project manager, you need to be very organized, as you lead the team. Team members need to be aware of the tasks and deadlines they have.

ProofHub is a software product that can help you have all you need in a single app. Moreover, it is available both on Android and iOS, so it can easily be used on mobile. It allows you to organize the tasks and deadlines in a Gantt chart and access it anytime. On top of this, it has an integrated feature of proofreading, making it easier for anyone to check documents and give feedback.



Project managers are the link between teams, clients, and projects. They have an overview of the entire project, the team’s progress, and the expectations of the clients. Scoro is known to be one of the best software products that can help any project manager with business and project management.

Time management is also important, as teams have to deliver a project up to a previously agreed deadline. Scoro sends you notifications when there is a delay in the progress of teams.

You can organize your tasks and meetings with clients with this app too. But maybe the greatest benefit it comes with is that it can be easily integrated with other software products such as MailChimp and Dropbox.

To use this app freely, you need to pay at least $33 per month, per user.



One of the most important things that project managers need to take good care of is the progress of teams. For a project to be completed, the whole team needs to embark on a long process. This also depends on the complexity of the requirements and the capabilities of the team.

Filestage is a software product that helps project managers keep track of all the tasks and documents. Most of them need to be reviewed and improved after feedback. It is important to know the stage or progress of each step and share important information across teams and collaborators.

Filestage has an approval and review feature integrated that helps you comment and feedback on documents in real-time. This can easily help you manage the time more efficiently. Expect to pay at least $90 per month.



Timecamp is an app used by most project managers to manage their time better. Productivity is something all workers want to achieve and good management time can lead you there. Project managers know this, but they also know that time means money.

Sometimes, teams might spend more time when working on a specific complex feature, and Timecamp can help you track your time to bill clients. It comes with an automatic tracker that tracks both the billable and non-billable time.

You also get compelling and powerful reports that can help you organize your time and project better, according to a dissertation help by dissertation services.

If you want to calculate your income based on the time spent on a specific project, then Timecamp is the right tool for you. The pricing starts at $6 per month, per user.

Zoho Projects

Time management can sometimes become overwhelming, especially for PMs that are managing multiple projects at the same time. They need to offer all teams the resources and tools necessary to be productive and accomplish their tasks. Dividing your attention between more stimuli can decrease your focus and concentration, and you may overlook things.

Zoho Projects is the tool you need to manage your time and tasks efficiently. It also comes with communication features, so team members can use it both for collaboration and communication. At the same time, with Zoho Projects, you can manage files efficiently.

Also, you get an overview of all the projects and teams you manage. So, it will be easier to do your job. This tool can also be integrated with other business management tools and the pricing starts at $25 per month.


Project managers have great responsibilities when it comes to managing teams. They often need to manage more than one team at a time, which can easily be overwhelming and a source of stress. PMs are the link between the client, the team, and the project.

Deadlines need to be followed, time needs to be billed, progress needs to be measured. Project managers can easily intervene and support a team member and the progress measurement is very important. These are the top 5 technologies that can help any project manager with time and task management.

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