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SafetyWing Review

SafetyWing is a travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – COVID-19 coverage included.

SafetyWing went through Y combinator (an American seed money startup accelerator) in 2018 and is serving more than 20,000 fulfilled customers.

If you happen to be working remotely and your sort of work involves frequent traveling, then, SafetyWing is definitely something you need to arrange.

Mind you, you don’t need to be a digital nomad in order to obtain/enjoy cover from SafetyWing; it is simply suitable for you if you live abroad.

Plus, SafetyWing also covers numbers of travel-related events such as long travels delay, lost item or luggage, evacuation requirement which is usually linked to political unrest or terrorism.

If you are thinking of using SafetyWing, you need to read this review; pros, cons, what you are covered for, and what not, payment duration, who is suitable for this type of insurance, and more.

SafetyWing was initiated in 2017; it has become more popular because of its structure of super competitive prices. Heading straight to the company’s website, you would realize it has a headline pricing structure of $68 per 4 weeks for travels within the US and $37 per 4 weeks for traveling everywhere else. SafetyWing’s main aim is to provide customers with flexible, reliable, and affordable travel medical insurance. Travel medical insurance, simply means SafetyWing provides both medical insurance cover and travel insurance cover. SafetyWing is on a mission to create global health insurance, disability insurance, and pension savings into one global membership.

Medical Insurance Cover

SafetyWing provides affordable and reliable medical insurance. This product covers people worldwide, while outside their home country. In an event of sickness, involved in an accident when you are abroad, SafetyWing will cover you. This includes ambulance charges, nursing services, room or bed itself, and also intensive care. If you need a specialist’s attention, SafetyWing covers $50 per day. Note that you won’t be covered by SafetyWing if you engage in high sporting activities and also if you have any pre-existing injury or condition, as well as a cancer treatment.

Travel Insurance Cover

Aside from covering health-related issues, SafetyWing provides extensive coverage on travel-related expenses. If you experience travel delay exceeding 12 hours and require an unplanned stay for a night, you are covered up to $100 per day; claims for this are done in a maximum of 2 days. Should a natural disaster occur and you ought to stay in a new place, you can claim up to $100 per day for a maximum of 5 days. With lost luggage after checking in, SafetyWing offers up to $3,000 per certificate period, amounting to $500 per item lost with consumers restricted to a lifetime limit of $6,000 per person (extension for a group/family = $250,000). Claims are not made for electronic gadgets such as cameras, laptops, phones, etc. when it comes to accidental deaths or loss of a part of the body, SafetyWing covers up to $50,000.

Age Restrictions

Age limit | All travels outside U.S | Travel includes the U.S |

| 10 – 39 YRS | $ 36.96/4 weeks | $ 67.76/4 weeks |

| 40-49 YRS | $ 59.92/4 weeks | $ 111.44/4 weeks |

| 50-59 YRS | $ 94.08/4 weeks | $ 183.68/4 weeks |

| 60-69 YRS | $ 127.68/4 weeks | $ 250.60/4 weeks |

It is very obvious that travel within the US is much expensive; this is because of high medical bills there. However, kids of ages 10 years and below are usually covered without any extra cost irrespective of where you are traveling to. The benefit covers a maximum of two children.

SafetyWing has 28 days automatically renewable offer unless canceled by the user.

Partnering with SafetyWing provides you with these:

  • You have assured access to an audience of remote workers, digital nomads, startup founders, remote team managers, as well as travelers.
  • Assured of getting over 20,000 customers (both new and existing)
  • Assured a social reach of over 30,000 via all social networking sites
  • Over 20,000 newsletter subscribers

Affiliate Relationship

  • Earn 10% nomad insurance purchase and 6% of Remote Health product purchase
  • Offer your community a 5% discount on Remote Health products
  • Dashboard access for live sales tracking. Monthly Payout
  • Any sales made within a one year period of clicking your link will be attributed to you


When it comes to events, we support virtual and on-site events that are affiliated with remote work. SafetyWing tends to promote and link your event on their public events calendar, co-host your event, or offer sponsorship. They delegate expert speakers from their team to lead skillshare and workshops, both virtually and onsite.

How Does the Medical Claim Process Work?

SafetyWing’s claim process works just as any other health insurance provider. You will have to provide/be aware of the following:

  • Is it an emergency
  • Show your SafetyWing card upon arrival at the hospital
  • Ask the medical provider about the payment (Do they take up payment with SafetyWing?)
  • Submit the claim to SafetyWing (if you paid it yourself)

SafetyWing is rated 8.6 out of 10 with pros as excellent pricing, unlimited travel, home country coverage, and has a subscription model. However, the downside is, it doesn’t have trip cancellation coverage.

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