Receive Money to your QIWI Wallet in Russia with RemoteTeam

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Portia Neequaye

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Receive Money to your QIWI Wallet in Russia with RemoteTeam

What is QIWI Wallet?

QIWI Wallet is an online, mobile payment processing and money transfer system. QIWI Wallet allows account holders to pay for the products and services of over 27,000 merchants, and to perform peer-to-peer money transfers using a virtual wallet.

QIWI Wallet is really effective in an online and mobile setting since it generally replaces a physical wallet. This virtual wallet grants users access to varied payment methods. It also allows users to purchase and make payments online through a more convenient and secured interface.

How to Register for QIWI Wallet

• First, your phone number is the only thing necessary for registration.

• You can top-up your wallet balance with no charge using a bank card, online banking, at ATMs, or with cash at QIWI terminals. You can top up the wallet with your phone, but there is a small fee attached to this service.

• Save templates of your payments and money transfers.

NB: Your nearest QIWI Terminals and other top-up points can be found on Google Maps.

Transferring Money from RemoteTeam to QIWI Wallet

RemoteTeam is an HR company that helps seamlessly with managing your team’s payroll, compliance, and contracts. It has over 450 companies onboard with over 200 countries supported. Click here to find out more.

How to get started with RemoteTeam

Set up your company account.
Set up a business account for free at in order to start paying your remote employees in Russia.

Give us a description/detailed information of your company.
You will need to provide us with the website URL, address, phone numbers, and details of the founder. This allows for timely processing without any technical issues.

Invite all your remote team members.
Include contractors in Russia working for you. The process is streamlined to ensure every team member is integrated into your company’s dashboard and paid timeously. It also ensures easy employee management.

Run your payroll.
We automate the entire payroll process including bulk payments, compensation, and collection of all necessary documents.

Fund your account. 
This will prevent uninterrupted payout once you run payroll. Our system will notify you of the amount you need to have in your account in order to pay all team members automatically.

Send bank account details of your team members.
Details include beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, bank code, bank SWIFT, beneficiary bank city, bank address, account name and number, and others.

Transferring money from PayPal to QIWI WALLET

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the premium and trusted payment channels. It is the primary method of payment when it comes to most online businesses and e-shop websites. Furthermore, the platform is easy to use and implement. It has over 200 million users worldwide and has 200+ markets currently.

PayPal can be used for the following services:

– Send and receive money for online auctions on sites like eBay
– Purchase goods & services
– Make and get donations
– Transfer funds to anyone across the globe online

A guide to transferring money from PayPal to QIWI Wallet

Visit the order page here
• Type the billing name and address of your PayPal
• Provide QIWI Wallet address for receiving payment
• Enter the amount of money you want to transfer
• Check information provided to avoid mistakes
• Click on submit button to complete the transaction


QIWI Wallet has amazing service and is better than other services like Western Union, Money Gram, etc. In spite of its top-notch security features, you need to be vigilant. Don’t allow anyone access to your wallet.

Portia Neequaye
Written by Portia Neequaye

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