Starter Guide for Independent Contractors in California

Omer Faruk Aydin

Omer Faruk Aydin

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Starter Guide for Independent Contractors in California

Independent Contractors in California

The world is going remote, and you don’t need to work in a fixed location as an independent contractor.

However, California is still the center of tech and is going to the center of remote work. After all, you will need to learn the “Silicon Valley Culture” and the “Remote Work Culture.”

The tech companies are transforming into a remote-first culture. Companies like Remote Team, GitLab, GitHub, creating the “Global Remote Work Culture.” If you want to be part of this remote world, following these companies closely will help you a lot.

California Independent Contractor Law

Every law practice area needs deep resources. You may want to visit and check the California Code. You can find all updated state laws in this link. (California Constitution to Water Code). If you want to take a deep answer about it, you can just give feedback or ask us for a new post blog.

Independent Contractor Agreement For California

Stay away from horrible google agreements. Especially, independent contractor agreement templates are horribly bad, and you don’t want to use these. As RemoteTeam, we provide independent contractor agreement templates approved by our lawyers. You can use our free independent contractor templates from our dashboard. It takes one click to create and send the agreement.

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Omer Faruk Aydin
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