How to Conquer Loneliness During Working Remotely?

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How to Conquer Loneliness During Working Remotely?

For many people, the opportunity to work from home is what makes it attractive for a company. It also goes vice versa. There are companies actively looking for workers that can work from home comfortably.

Remote workers who can maintain a high level of productivity and keep to deadlines will be in more demand. While remote working is brilliant and can be beneficial to both the worker and company, it has its challenges. This time, it is more for the workers than the company.

Remote workers get the opportunity to live the life that they want while also working. However, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that many remote workers get overwhelmed at times. And this is mostly due to their loneliness. It’s easier to work from home, but it’s harder if you have to work alone time and time again.

That feeling of isolation is the major drawback of working from home. This is something that all remote workers feel – whether you’ve been doing it for a long time or just started due to COVID-19. Here are eight tips from the team at to help remote workers act decisively to conquer the loneliness overwhelming them.

You are not alone – know this

The very first step to take to battle loneliness and its overwhelming feeling is to realize the position you’re in. This is your job; you signed up for it, and working in isolation comes with this. This means that you aren’t alone in this feeling. Everyone that works from home also feels the same way as you. In the US alone, 20% of remote workers (roughly 1 million people) currently struggle with loneliness.

Saying that other people feel what you feel isn’t meant to be comforting. But it helps you to realize that it is something that comes with remote working. It’s a part of the work model and is, therefore, something you have to brace yourself for. You should know that those feelings aren’t unique to you in any way. There are millions of other people in your shoes worldwide.

Understand yourself

If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle as a remote worker and avoid loneliness, you must understand yourself.

The truth is, people are different. Some people feel depressed and isolated if they don’t have people around them to interact with. Simultaneously, some other people prefer to be alone and enjoy their solitude for long periods. Just some minimal amount of interaction with others, and they’re happy. The question is, where do you fall?

None of the above personalities is wrong or right. It’s just the variation with human beings. This is why you have to understand yourself and how you work. This will help you build your remote work lifestyle in a way that suits you.

Decide on how you work

Once you understand yourself, you’ll plan your lifestyle in a way that suits you. This will allow you to do your remote work satisfyingly and avoid loneliness. Individuals are different. This means that there will be variations in when we work and how we work.

Some individuals are at their best when they follow a particular schedule. Wake up by 6 am. Go for daily workout, shower, take breakfast, and prepare for work – at home, have lunchtime by noon. When they have to follow a schedule, they’re more productive even if they’re working remotely.

But other individuals hate that kind of ‘schedule.’ It’s too rigid and stiffens them. They started working remotely to avoid that ‘office’ lifestyle. Someone like this will have a haphazard sleeping and waking time. They sleep when they like and wake up when they like. What’s important to them is getting the job done, regardless.

The variation on how to work will vary among individuals. How you choose to work in a day is dependent on you—but adding modifications to your workday includes the when, where, and how can help you fight loneliness.

Become a member of an online community

No doubt joining a community online is one of the ways for remote workers to avoid loneliness. The good thing is there are countless online communities on different platforms for you to join. The aim is to bring people together. It would be more beneficial to you if the community is based on your interest or related to your work. It helps you flow better.

The advantage of work-related communities is that you can easily find someone doing the same thing as you and in the same position as you. This will help you connect better with them. You’ll also discuss your struggles and challenges with the job. You’ll also share information and tactics that are useful to help you grow.

Another thing, if you’re working for a company, you can create a group or forum for people in your company to interact. This will help your co-remote workers relate. Many companies already have Slack channels where staff can interact with themselves from different parts of the world.

Leave your house

There’s a high possibility that you feel lonely because you haven’t left your home in a long while. Well, this one is easy. Get out of the house. Easy, right? Just go somewhere different. Change the scenery you got used to in the last weeks. There are one thousand and one places you can go to.

Doing this alone allows you to interact with other people. There’s no way that loneliness is surviving this. Leave coffee in your home and go to a coffee shop. Get books from the bookshop and start proofreading them for fun. You definitely wouldn’t go back to your house feeling the same in a while.

Note: this strategy is only applicable after they lift the lockdown. So, you have to stay at home for now. Keep your interaction limited to the internet.


There are plenty of things that you can do to avoid loneliness as a remote worker. Some of these are to leverage technology to interact with people. Prioritize social activity, and invest in your relationship with people.

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