How To Become An Independent Contractor in Ukraine?

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Mehmet Kose

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How To Become An Independent Contractor in Ukraine?

Any natural person can, subject to conditions, become an Independent Contractor in Ukraine.

An individual can acquire the status of an entrepreneur from the age of 18. For persons who have reached the age of 16 but have not reached the age of 18, the consent of parents (adoptive parents) or a guardian or a guardianship authority is required.


You may need to file when earning more than UAH 150,000 in Ukraine (Almost $ 6.000). If you want to earn more than UAH 150,000, you have to prove your work.

Registration Documents You Need To Be An Independent Contractor

As an Independent Contractor, you must present: • Documents must be presented in Ukrainian • Your Passport Copy (If the documents are submitted in person) • Application form for registration of a Private Entrepreneur • Receipt of payment of the registration fee, • Application for the election of a simplified taxation system by an individual, the form of which is approved by order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine • Address • Ukrainian Tax ID Number • A copy of the taxpayer’s account card, • Notarized written consent of the parents (adoptive parents) or guardian, or the body of guardianship and trusteeship, if the applicant is a natural person who has reached sixteen years of age and wishes to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Step by Step becoming an Independent Contractor in Ukraine

Registration services are provided by:

• state registrar’s; • local governments; • local state administrations; • notaries.

Local governments have the authority to register only if the local council approves the relevant decision.

To register, a citizen applies to any of the above subjects of state registration in person or through an authorized person. It is also possible to send the necessary documents by mail or in electronic format.

When submitting documents in-person, the applicant is obliged to present an identity document. The representative shall additionally provide the original or a notarized copy of a power of attorney, which sets out his powers.

When sending documents in paper form, you need to make sure that the applicant’s signature is notarized. Online registration implies the presence of an electronic digital signature.

Any Questions?

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In case of submission of documents personally, the citizen is obliged to present a passport. If an authorized person submits the documents, he/she shows his/her passport and a power of attorney issued by a notary with an indication of powers. In the case of sending documents by mail, the signature of the individual on the registration card must be notarized.


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Mehmet Kose
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