How To Become An Independent Contractor in France?

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How To Become An Independent Contractor in France?

Any natural person can, subject to conditions, become self-employed :

• Be of full age (or minor emancipated by a decision of a guardianship judge); • Have a postal address in France; • Be of French nationality or European national (foreign national outside the European Union under conditions ); • Not be under tutorship, nor under curatorship; • Not to be condemned to a prohibition to manage or to exercise.

Self-employed status cannot be chosen when the activity is carried out within the framework of a relationship of subordination for which only the employee must be retained.


You may need to file when earning more than $10000 in France. If you want to earn more than $10000, you have to prove your work.

Registration fees

The registration of the auto-entrepreneur is free, with the exception of commercial agents: • If you are a commercial agent, registration (compulsory) in the special register of commercial agents ( RSAC ) will cost you around € 26. • If you are a merchant, registration with the Trade and Companies Register ( RCS ) is free. • If you are a craftsman, registration in the Trade Directory ( RM ) is free.

Steps to Become an Independent Contractor in France (AutoEntrepreneur)

1- Enter official website
2- Click “Declare my self-business”.
3- Activate your account and enter your details here
4- Declaration of the start of the activity
5- All input boxes framed in red must be filled
6- Check this page after you declare

Benefits of Being a Self-Employed AutoEntrepreneur in France

  1. Lighter Taxation The VAT-based deductible is subject to turnover thresholds beyond which your self-business becomes subject to VAT:
  • Over a calendar year (from January 1 to December 31): € 36,500
  • Over two consecutive fiscal years if the turnover is between € 34,400 and € 36,500.

(For example, if your turnover in year N is € 35,000 and your turnover in year N + 1 is € 34,800 you are subject to VAT at the end of these two years of exceeding the VAT threshold)

  1. Daily Social Protection

As a self-employed person, you have social security coverage, just like other self-employed workers. This covers:

  • Health: sickness, maternity, daily allowances (except for the liberal professions under the Cipav which do not benefit from daily allowances);
  • Family allowances ;
  • Retirement (compulsory basic and supplementary plan);
  • Provident (disability, death).
  1. Simplified administrative procedures

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or need legal support, you can directly contact our legal team at . Remote Team and the MERIDIAN | AVOCATS are partners in France.

P.S.: Remote Team does not make any absolute guarantees for the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the material written here.

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