Hiring Benefits: Independent Contractor or an Employee?

Omer Faruk Aydin

Omer Faruk Aydin

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Hiring Benefits: Independent Contractor or an Employee?

In the remote world, there are 2 types of working remotely, especially when a company has a remote team in different time zones. I want to give you a short answer. Our suggestion is; employ your team legally! Cross-border local laws shouldn’t stop you. We are here to help your global employment and global payroll process.

Main Difference Between Employee and Independent Contractor Working

When you hire someone as an employee, you will take a right to manage and audit your employee’s work and working hours, etc…

An independent contractor can work for different companies and work in hours that are managed by themself. There are no responsibilities, loyalties between the contractor and the business owner.

On both sides, you have to check your team’s working hours, productivity, inventory, payments, payrolls, etc… All these HR needs are easy on our dashboard with our all in one method. We are fully integrated with time tracking, communication, payroll, and more service providers for you.

Remote Employment Process

For hiring someone, you have to have a registered entity in this country.

If your remote worker living in the same country as your entity, it is okay, but for your potential employee living in a different county from you, you have three choices;

Build a registered entity in this country and work with a local PEO and Payroll company. (Expensive and Hardest way)

Work with a local EOR company. (Exhausting process)

Work with the Remote Team to handle these all for you globally. 

Remote Independent Contractor Work Process

You find someone to work with you as an independent contractor, and you don’t know where you should start? Let’s do it easy. First of all, you have to build your Independent contractor agreement and NDA’s for this county. Secondly, you have to know how you can pay for her salaries. After that, you need to figure out time-off, team productivity, and other HR needs.

This process can be quite troublesome. In the Remote Team dashboard, we are providing all and more HR services for your needs.

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Omer Faruk Aydin
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