Everything You Need to Know About Harvest

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Everything You Need to Know About Harvest

When it comes to project management, time is very necessary, more so when it involves remote or flexible workers. Time used needs to be tracked, hence the reason to use efficient time tracking software, Harvest.

Harvest is a popular time tracking app which comes with an intuitive interface that allows a careful study of all employees within a blink of an eye. It is a cloud-based time tracking software suitable for all business sizes and types. Although there are many time tracking apps available, Harvest seems to be unique in various ways. This article will provide you with an in-depth review of Harvest Time Tracking app in order to be able to access it and make a good decision when it comes to time tracking apps.

Harvest’s numerous features include scheduling and invoicing, time and expense management, as well as team management. Team members can log on to a timesheet and record the time as they work. This could be done via a phone, desktop, or browser.

With the help of data that can be tracked, Harvest grants business owners access to the answers to quite relevant questions. It provides insight for both an employee and an employer. It helps in accessing the cost of each project, time spent by employees, makes billing, and invoicing easier.

How Does Time Tracking Work?

Harvest helps in tracking time automatically, while you work. It helps you meet deadlines; you can set up a to-do list for the day in Harvest and right beside each task, you will see a timer which tracks time spent immediately you start working on the task. After, working on the task, you would have to turn the timer off. This feature helps in tracking projects, tasks, and specific clients.

Aside from time tracking, Harvest also allows you to enter a bulk time, this comes in handy if you need to make adjustments in tracking projects.

To make invoices. Harvest helps in automatic invoicing turning the billable time and expenses into invoices. Users can send invoices online by simply clicking. These invoices can be tracked and overviewed by managers

Harvest can be linked-to forecast; organize your schedule or that of your team’s whether your team members are in the same or different locations. With Harvest, you need not worry about micromanaging members.

Harvest helps you distribute work more evenly since you are able to see workers/ members who are completely meeting deadlines and those who are lacking behind. The software can actually prompt you with an hourly breakdown of work done daily.

Harvest allows you to color-code projects to see which employees are working on a particular project the exact amount of time being spent on each project.

Advantages of Using Harvest

  • Super simple and flexible app. Most Project Managers really find it cool, since it takes care of all invoicing, reminders, and also pay clients seamlessly. Payments are smooth and convenient. Harvest provides both employee and employer with downloadable PDFs for transparency.
  • Harvest has great pricing because it is affordable in both pricing plans; free and subscription plans. The free trial is available for people who have limited needs and does not require a credit card, whereas the subscription starts at a pay plan of $12 per month.
  • A mobile app makes work much convenient. Harvest has a mobile app for both android and IOS users. Time tracking is much easier since all you need is a phone and a good internet connection.

Downsides of Using Harvest

  • There is usually a disconnection between the desktop app and the website. Some users complain of differences between the website and desktop app. This is not convenient, since you need to be checking the site while the app is running within short intervals.
  • Lack of notification when the timer is left on; Mac users get notified when the timer is left on but it is not the same for other devices.
  • Harvest has poor phone customer support. Instead of still using its real-time phone support from the past, it has shifted to appointments only. This is inconvenient because appointments it needs to be scheduled before time. Appointment for each person is limited to 15 minutes, once the time is up no matter the status of the problem; whether resolved or not, the appointment is ended.


Harvest is great for all business sizes. It is convenient for both employer and employee, focusing on their transparency when it comes to the billing of actual expenses and time spent on projects. Harvest strengthens professional relationships as well.

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