Best International Payroll Apps For Remote Teams in 2021

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Best International Payroll Apps For Remote Teams in 2021

Thanks to a lot of tools, from time management to project tracking, building and scaling a remote team is becoming easier. But one area that is still a headache for many remote companies is how to handle payroll for their teams in different legal settings.

That’s why international payroll apps have become important parts of remote teams. However, traditional payroll applications are not keeping up. While these payroll systems are built to accommodate companies with offices in different countries, they’re not automatically good for remote teams.

Many reasons account for this. The notable one is that while these traditional companies are established legal entities in their respective countries, remote workers are individuals working for a company without a presence in their country. The dynamics are different, so are the legal implications.

In this guide, we talk about the rise of new international payroll applications. These platforms are built from the ground up to handle compensation, compliance, time off, and more for remote employers.

RemoteTeam Inc. – Best HRIS Payroll Software

Remote Team Inc. is a comprehensive human resource tool built by remote workers for remote teams. It’s a complete suite that allows remote companies to manage their workforce, take care of country-specific compliance, reimburse employees, manage inventory for a remote workforce, and more. RemoteTeam’s payroll application streamlines remote employee compensation, time offs, deductions, tax collection, and streamlining of W-8BEN forms.

Through Remote Team Inc., remote employers can set their entire company policies of pay, leave, and more, allowing employees to make requests as and when they require. Remote Team is also integrated with many third-party applications, including TransferWise for easy and bulk payments that serve almost every country on in the world.


Hubstaff is one of the remote team resources out there that does a lot – it’s a comprehensive platform that offers time tracking for remote teams. Hubstaff takes this further with its Geofencing, online timesheets, employee monitoring, and productivity measurement among others.

One notable feature of Hubstaff is its payroll software which offers a lot of features. Because it’s used for time tracking and other purposes, it makes the entire process of tracking time and paying employees based on tracked time easy and simple. Hubstaff’s payroll features include a streamlined process for running teams and making payments, time and expense reporting, payment automation, bulk payments, and timesheets.

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is an international payment, payroll, and workforce management platform that is ideal for remote teams looking to manage their entire HR. From onboarding to compensation, its workforce and payroll management services cover more than 100 countries. And apart from using it for managing your remote team’s payroll, Papaya Global also has immigration services – helpful when you want to move your remote team on-site (which may not happen if you’re truly remote 😊).

Papaya Global is on this list because of how it has approached its payroll and employee management system, which although not far different from traditional payroll platforms, offers features that are remote-friendly than its counterparts.


Pilot is a complete suite, offering HR services for remote companies. Hiring platform operates in more than 130 countries, allowing you to hire a remote team from a place of your choice. It also helps remote teams who want to have some kind of offices in places where most of their workers are located – to buy laptops or rent office space.

When it comes to international payroll for remote teams, Pilot has got it figured out. In all of the 130 countries on its radar, Pilot has 100% compliance with local tax laws and employment rules for remote teams. Its payments integration allows for automated international payments, as well as offer employee benefits to remote teams. It allows for multiple payments for a single charge within a month, with secure payment processing, and every transaction is scheduled inside the Pilot platform with a few clicks.


Let’sDeel offers payroll for companies running remote teams but with limited country availability. It makes compliance simple and streamlines compensation and local tax laws for freelancers and remote teams. Right from onboarding to legal tax documents, Deel is a good tool for any remote company looking to up their payroll system.

With Deel, remote companies can choose to make payments using PayPal, Wire Transfer or Visa. It also supports mass payments and allows remote companies to pay large sums to different remote employees with a few clicks across 50+ countries.


BitWage is an HR platform built for remote companies and employers, contract workers, and freelancers. But unlike other remote HR software, BitWage tackles the payroll problems from a different angle. For remote companies that want to provide other digital assets such as cryptocurrencies for their remote employees, they can do so using BitWage.

Its automated payroll system allows remote employers to make bulk payments to employees in different countries at the same time. There are two options for making payments – using a credit card or a direct bank transfer. With BitWage, there are no delays in payments and since it’s integrated with Hubstaff’s time management software, it’s easy to track remote employee productivity and set the compensation accordingly, automatically.

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