Best Free Payroll Software for Small Businesses in 2020

Carol Amegatcher

Carol Amegatcher

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Best Free Payroll Software for Small Businesses in 2020

Payroll is an essential part of most businesses. No matter how big or small a business, you will have to pay your employees hence the need for a payroll software. For your business to run effectively and smoothly, you need to have an efficient running payroll system or software. So, we have gathered the best free payroll software for your small business.


RemoteTeam is one of the best Human Resource and payroll software for your small business or startup. Teams are becoming more global and remote everyday, yet everyone still needs to get paid. Remote Team’s simplified and automated payroll process globally includes earnings, deductions and time off- zero spreadsheets with zero clicks. It is also free for up to 3 people. Remote Team makes it easy for you to track and manage time off requests. You can also review and approve vacation requests, sick leave, personal leave and many more. You can even customize and create your own policy and time off requests as needed. When you use Remote Team, you can skip the bank inconvenience and keep your payroll up-to-date.


Gusto is one of the best payroll software you can use to manage your small business. Gusto payroll software comes in three different priced tiers. In addition to the monthly fee you pay employees, you have to pay a base price to use the software. The basic features for all the priced tiers include unlimited payroll, availability in all 50 states in the USA, payroll tax calculations, garnishments and deductions, automatic payroll and health benefits. Gusto provides a way for small businesses to pay their employees easily and on time. It doesn’t take time and it is easy to use. Gusto offers a free 30-day trial.


Payroll4free offers basic services for free so far as you pay for 25 people or less. This software includes tax calculations and forms, vacation tracking time, detailed reporting, direct deposits or paper checks, employee portal, excellent customer service, quick and easy enrollment and also allows you to pay employees and contractors.


Rise has a unified Human Resource and payroll, robust reporting system, seamless time integration, automated payroll system; you can save a whole of time with Rise by automating payroll online. You also do not have to worry about calculating, filing, or paying payroll taxes. You can simplify employees’ time and attendance. Rise offers unlimited pay runs, and a lot more you can think of.


Zenefits is an easy and reliable payroll software. Zenefits is fully-integrated and easy to use. This software has fairly advanced integrated features such integrated payroll, payroll administration, pay run, integrations, reporting and taxes and filing. Zenefits’ integrated payroll has its payroll linked automatically to the rest of the Human Resource ecosystem. Features of Zenefits’ integrated payroll include new hire onboarding synchronization, time tracked and hours worked synchronization, automatic salary changes, time-off and benefit deductions synchronization. Zenefits has lifetime employee accounts. Zenefits offers a 2 week free trial.


Excelpayroll is great for small businesses that have 1 to 50 employees. There is no monthly fee as well as no payroll fee. Excelpayroll has everything you need for payroll processing. It includes accrual vacation, and workers’ compensation reports. It generates accounting entries and has customizable withholding and timecard options.


The IRIS Payroll Business software is ideal for businesses that have 100 employees or less. This software provides small businesses with affordable payroll software helping employers to save money with this payroll solution. Some of the benefits of using this software includes; compliance with automatic enrolment and RTI legislation, online filing of forms with HMRC, rolling back past days including pay slips, and unlimited platinum phone and online support.

ADP Payroll

Simplify Human Resource with ADP payroll, designed for your small business or startup. ADP payroll is fast, easy, and provides accurate payroll and tax, hence you save time and money. You can track the hours your employees have worked, manage your employees’ time-off requests and seamlessly integrate with payroll. This payroll software offers employee benefits, flexible administration and business insurance.


SumoPayroll is a cloud-based Human Resource and payroll software. With this software, you can simplify your Human Resource, time and attendance, payroll and other HCM functions easily. You can access pay slips anytime and anywhere. You can also request for leaves or submit an HR request for a tax statement and a lot more.


NolaPro is a payroll solution for businesses, that offers solutions such as employee management, reporting, and tax management. With NolaPro, you can quickly manage customers, employees and vendors. You can also track customer orders and vendor purchases and manage inventory costs, stock quantities and price levels. NolaPro has a complete payroll check processing with W-2/941 forms. It also offers automatic daily system backups for all cloud users.


Letsdeel is a platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything. With Letsdeel, businesses can generate and finalize contracts, pay team members, and manage invoices. Letsdeel is an all-in-one platform that gives you the necessary support you need.

Carol Amegatcher
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