All You Need to Know About Being a Freelance Marketing Consultant

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All You Need to Know About Being a Freelance Marketing Consultant

Do you have thoughts of being a freelancer and more importantly as that of a marketing consultant? Let’s get an idea first what Freelance Marketing is about, and then we can inform you all you need to know about being a Freelance Marketing consultant.

Who is a Freelance Marketer?

Freelance Marketers are employed by companies and businesses to help promote their brand.

Freelance Marketing

Freelance Marketing is a good way to earn extra cash daily or at a particular period of time. Aside from earning more money as a Freelance Marketing consultant, you have the freedom to do other things.

A Freelance Marketing consultant briefing clients on a new product

It is a perfect way to exhibit your creative skills and to create meaningful connections and networks in and out of your field.

To let others know the skills you possess, you need to carve a niche for yourself.

What you Need to Know

As a Freelance Marketer, your job is to grab attention, drive potential and existing clients towards a brand and convince them to buy a product. You need to establish your basics before advertising yourself as a Freelance Marketing consultant:

  • You will need a simple freelance portfolio website to describe your strengths and weaknesses to a prospective client.
  • You will need to have a properly completed LinkedIn profile alerting your connections that you are available for any job opportunities.
  • It is important that you list volunteer jobs or work samples you have done (but be aware of copyright or client confidentiality clauses before displaying any samples).
  • Another way you can get your business off to a good start is by embracing a niche for yourself. While there is much discussion as to whether you have to pick just one business category to work within, most freelancers agree that it helps to give you an edge – especially when you are first starting out and without much experience to share.

Here are some examples in which Freelance Marketers have created a niche for themselves:

  • Developing affiliated partnerships for mobile phone services
  • Providing social media strategies for health related brands
  • Creating a video branding strategy for the banking field

    Freelance marketers think outside the box to generate great brand strategies
    Freelance Marketers think outside the box to generate great brand strategies

The Niching Down Effect

Generally, the beauty of niching down is by developing your skill set or choosing a category from the industry. The ability to move within a category or specific skill set gives enough room to build a wide range of clientele without having to learn from scratch with each client. The familiarity developed over time tends to give you a competitive advantage over new marketing consultants in the same industry.

Growing Your Network

Like most jobs in the freelance world, it is really about who you know. The more people you are connected to, both virtually and in real life – the higher the chances you have of getting work on a regular basis by finding new clients. The ideal client is one who seeks you out or who is referred your way from a past client or colleague. These partnerships seem to favour the Freelance Marketer regarding work scope and payment, but for the first few years of your business, you will likely have to prospect fairly. You can also set up profiles on sites like Upwork and Your profile should be exactly like the one on LinkedIn and on your portfolio website. If you are not fond of job bidding through a marketplace, you can always consider job posting.

A Freelance Marketer signing up to a microsoft team to discuss ideas with the team

Building Momentum

Always have it in mind that it takes one successful job as a Freelance Marketer to consider yourself in business. One way to guarantee continued success is to communicate effectively. One-time projects have the potential to become retainer clients if managed properly.  You can also see your business multiply by asking your past clients for referrals. Just mentioning that you enjoyed working with them and that you would be delighted to work with their colleagues may be enough to get an extra client here or there. Take time to create consistent brand messaging across all of your channels, including social media, business cards, websites, and emails, so that your potential and current clients always know that they are dealing with you as a Freelance Marketing consultant.


Freelance marketing is the new tech role: get your basics right, master them and see how you flourish at your own convenience.

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