4 Essential Traits for Great Remote Workers

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4 Essential Traits for Great Remote Workers

4 Essential Traits for Great Remote Workers

Last year was a different one. As the global pandemic hit the entire world, many businesses have shifted to remote work. This pandemic showed many companies that did not trust the productivity associated with remote work to be achievable that it is indeed possible. Many studies show that the productivity of employees has increased tremendously when they started working from home.

To know how to foster productivity and efficiency, you need to know yourself. You need to know which are the factors that hinder your focus and the ones that nurture it. At the same time, you need to have everything necessary at hand to prevent losing time searching for a pen or paper.

But besides all the changes you could make to your working environment to foster productivity, some traits could contribute to your success. Which are these and how can they make you a greater remote worker? Read on to discover. These are also hints that could be helpful for employers who are looking to hire remote workers in the future.


One of the traits that are essential for remote workers is being tech-savvy, argue experts from do my assignment. When you think about remote work, you need to take into consideration all the processes involved in the job. Besides job-specific tasks, remote workers need to have a good command of technology. They will need to share files, send documents, store important ones, back-up others, and many other tasks. Moreover, they will participate in video calls and will exchange documents and messages.

Any remote worker needs to be accustomed to working on a computer. This should come easy, otherwise, a lot of time will be lost on basic training. Knowing how to use the computer and keeping yourself updated with the latest technological advancements is essential and it represents an essential trait for remote workers. However, if you are an employer that is looking for this trait in the candidates, you can easily assess it by asking the candidates to do a technical task. It should be a task that will also help you with the recruitment process, such as sending a video with a short presentation of themselves or any other task. Usually, remote workers are equipped with this trait.

Good Communication Skills

Unfortunately, remote working does not involve face-to-face communication. And even though you may not realize now, body language and para verbal cues are very important to communication. Remote workers mainly communicate through written communication and this can leave room for misinterpretations.

Good communication skills are the skills that are essential to remote workers. They should be able to send their ideas and express their opinions in a clear, logical, and concise way. Remote workers that do not have good communication skills might struggle with job-related tasks, which are so essential when you need to use technology to communicate with your colleagues. Moreover, many of the weekly meetings happen online and team members need to share their progress, updates, and opinions. Good communication is the solution to preventing many conflicts or misunderstandings.


Motivation can be of two types: intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is described by external rewards such as incentives, money, bonuses, and many more. Extrinsic rewards might be efficient in some cases, but when employees work remotely, they might become inefficient.

Remote work is not as dreamy as it may sound. Even though many people yearn for working remotely, it also comes with challenges. And one of the challenges is finding your inner (or intrinsic) motivation that keeps you going through the day, says a remote essay writer who works on essay help.

Some days you might not feel like working. And because you do not meet your colleagues, which in the past could have been a source of motivation, things get more complicated. It is thus important for remote workers to know how to fuel their intrinsic motivation day by day. This means that workers that have this trait can motivate themselves to accomplish the tasks, deliver them by the deadline, and gather more information for task-related jobs.

Many remote workers need to face complex tasks they feel they don’t have the resources necessary. And sometimes, all you need is a little research. Some remote workers might avoid doing these tasks because they don’t know how to solve them. Self-motivated remote workers will try to find the information they need to accomplish it.

Team Player

Working in a team is at the core of our professional lives. Even though some tasks are individual ones, most people need to collaborate with other colleagues as well. Projects are more and more complex and they require a wide diversity of skills to be accomplished. If you are not a team player and you need to work in a team, learning how to collaborate efficiently might be one of the challenges.

Collaboration is essential also for the good functioning of the team. At the base of a good collaboration always stays effective communication. Which is also an important factor that contributes to team cohesion.

Final Words

Remote working is something many people yearn for. But it also comes with challenges, both for employees and employers. And now with the global pandemic, more people are working remotely. The traits that are essential for great remote workers are good communication and collaboration skills, self-motivation, and a passion for technology. Knowing how to work on a computer, communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, and fuel yourself with the motivation you need can make you successful when working from home.

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