10 Companies Offering Unlimited Paid Time-Off

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10 Companies Offering Unlimited Paid Time-Off

Enjoying unlimited Paid Time-Off in your newly employed company? Yaaay!!! This is one exciting job perk, most people hunting for job love to hear from companies they get employed in. The promise of plenteous paid time off is just a good feeling.

According to the bureau of labour statistics, a growing number of businesses are offering unlimited paid vacation time with expectations that employees will use it responsibly. Have a quick look at ten companies that do not put time limit on your days off, their hiring locations, number of employees. 

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General Electric

Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Number of Employees: Over 300,000

What it Does: General Electric deals in electricity. It develops and manufactures products for the generation, transmission, and utilization of electricity. The company operates in industries such as automotive, aviation, healthcare, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing. Its main product ranges from light bulb to aircraft engines. It also runs a financial service known as GE Capital, which offers services such as loans and credit cards.

Why General Electric Offers Unlimited PTO: “We believe GE is most successful when we trust and empower our people” says Laura Paredes, GE’s Communications Director. She also mentioned that “this is a new approach that empowers our leaders to take time off when they need it” This is an authorized approach that has replaced vacation, illness, and personal plans for most US salaried workers.


Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Number of Employees: 1,000

What it Does: GrubHub is an online and mobile ordering platform that connects customers with restaurants to order food for delivery. It has offices in Chicago, London and New York.

Why PTO Benefit: Meghan Gage, GrubHub’s manager of PR says, “We do so to encourage work-life balance, and because we trust our employees to deliver great results and choose how their time is spent”


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Netflix Paid Time-Off

Hiring Location: California, Los Angeles & Los Gatos

Number of Employees: 3,700

What it Does: Netflix is a worldwide known subscription-based streaming video service that allows members watch TV shows and movies via a stable internet connection. It also creates original content.

Why PTO Benefits: “Our culture of freedom and responsibility is centered on treating our employees as responsible adults,” Netflix spokesperson says “we do not track vacation or sick days and also do not track working hours.” 


Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Number of Employee: Over 7,000 in the U.S

What it Does: Grant Thornton is a Chicago based audit, tax and advisory firm, providing business, tax, financial consulting, and related services. Grant Thornton works with various industries; construction, non-profit, financial and healthcare. It is the first firm in our industry to offer flexible time off.

Why it Offers This Benefit: Lou Ann Hutchison, Executive Director of people and culture operations at Grant Thornton says, “Our flexible time off policy is a part of a larger effort our firm is undertaking to put people first. We understand our employees have personal needs and should be able to own their time. When they have greater autonomy over their career path and their daily lives, we find they are more engaged and better able to deliver their best work.”


Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Number of Employees: 19,000

What it Does: It is a software company based in Palo Alto, California. It provides cloud and virtualization software for businesses and IT.

Why it Offers This Benefit: It has a non-accrued vacation policy for its salaried workers. “We understand that work-life balance is hard to achieve, especially in Silicon Valley, where it is easy for work to consume life.  Instead, we strive for work-life integration. We know our people sacrifice a lot for VMware, so when they need to take time off- for whatever reason – we don’t begrudge them whenever they need to attend to their lives, their loved ones and themselves.”


Hiring Location: San Francisco

Number of Employees: About 20

What it Does: Pocket is an app that allows users save internet content such as videos and articles across their devices.

WHY it Offers This Benefit: “We offer unlimited PTO because of the importance we place on flexibility and balance in our employees’ lives,” says Amber Stann, Pocket’s Culture and Office Manager. “For a company where people are self-driven and work hard, we found that it didn’t make sense to track the time people took off while not tracking the extra time they put in. The teams at Pocket are driven and responsible enough to balance their responsibilities with the demands of their personal lives and need for time to recharge and gather new perspective.”


Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Policy Details: Work-life balance is an important aspect of wellness. This is why a generous time off policy is provided for all staff. Whether it’s a new baby, sick leave, family vacation, we’ve secured days for you, says Dropbox.  “The unlimited paid vacation policy is amazing! The company trusts employees to be reasonable and responsible, which is really empowering.”-  Current employee.

What Dropbox Does: it is a cloud storage device that allows one to save files online and sync them to your devices. You can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments. 


Hiring Location: Redwood City, California

Number of Employees: 300+

What it Does: Evernote is an app for storing, organizing, sharing and archiving notes, files and web clips across platforms. The company is based in Redwood City, California and produces related software products.

Why it Offers PTO: “If you want to make time off, talk to your team, but we’re still measuring you on the same thing, which is, did you accomplish something great? Frankly, we want to treat employees like adults, and we don’t want being in the office to seem like a punishment.” – By the then CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin in a 2012 interview with The New York Times.


Hiring Location: San Francisco

Number of Employees: 400+

What it Does: it’s a San Francisco based company that provides DNA testing for patients who want to learn what disease they might pass to potential children, their risk of certain cancers or how a baby is developing in utero

Why it Offers PTO: they believe in helping employees recharge and considering the positive effect Paid Time-Off has on people. It is a commendable decision to take.


Hiring Location: Multiple, nationwide

Number of Employees: 1,500

What it Does: Conversant creates online advertising campaigns and programs for advertisers and advertising agencies.

Why it Offers This Benefit: “Top talent tends to go above and beyond to get the job done,” says Matthew Perry, Vice President of Talent Acquisition. “We want our people to work hard and take time to recharge their batteries when necessary.”


If you are interested in such companies, you sure will go through a hefty competition since lots of people want to enjoy all the perks that come with unlimited PTO. In order to stand out from lots of applicants, you will need to have a job search strategy that keeps you ahead. Join Monster for free today, you can upload your CV in different versions to suit your preferred job interest. You can also set alert for jobs you are interested in so these companies could reach you directly.

Portia Neequaye
Written by Portia Neequaye

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