Save Time and Money with Bi-Monthly Payroll Automation

You can easily be paying employees once every two months.

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Payroll on Demand.

Easily manage payroll and expenses with automated reports, receipts, and payments.

Global Team Management.

Manage employee data from one dashboard with profiles that can be updated at any time by the employee or manager - even when they're remote!

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Multiple Payroll Frequencies.

Customize your payroll frequency to match local laws and regulations for each country you have employees in.

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RemoteTeam makes it easy to set up and manage bi-monthly payroll for remote teams.

Do you have a remote team? If so, we're here to help. RemoteTeam is the easiest way to manage payroll for your distributed workforce — whether you're in the U.S., or anywhere else in the world. With just a few clicks, you can easily set up multiple payroll frequencies that are tailored to local laws and regulations - making it easier than ever before to pay employees around the globe on time, every time!

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Automatize Your Bi-Monthly Payroll

Choose your payroll frequency, manage employees from anywhere and have unlimited employee accounts.

Unlimited Employee Accounts.

With our multi-user account system, you can create as many employee accounts as you need to keep track of everything easily.

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Easy Setup Process.

Our process is simple and easy to use so that you don't have to worry about any compliance or technical details when managing payroll for your team on RemoteTeam.

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Easy Payroll Setup for Bi-Monthly Payrolls

You can set multiple payroll frequencies for your preferences. Countries might set different payroll frequency laws. Tailor your payroll frequency options to local laws and regulations. You can easily be paying employees once every two months with RemoteTeam's flexible payroll management tools, which are compatible with various systems and workflows such as bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.